Saf Angelo

Saf Angelo

Programme Manager, NHS Frimley

Who is Saf Angelo?

Saf is the HR Programme Manager at Frimley NHS Trust, having worked in the public sector for 6 years Saf is the guru in really understanding his workforce and is passionate about innovation in leading transformation programmes. 

What is Saf talking about at Innovation Day 2019?

Case study: Frimley NHS Trust share why income streaming is the future for their financial wellbeing

In this interview-style session we will hear from the UK’s best NHS Trust’s Assistant HR Director and Programme Manager about their journey to income streaming. 

  • How to transform staff financial wellbeing with income streaming 

  • Using a staff survey and strong employee wellbeing strategy to listen and implement income streaming 

  • How this solution motivates and retains valuable staff 

  • Drill down why, how and what's next for the Trust's financial wellbeing strategy




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