Josh Hart

Josh Hart

Co-founder & CTO , yulife

Who is Josh Hart?

Serial entrepreneur, Josh Hart, has set up numerous businesses across EdTech, Mobile and now the InsureTech world. Having created digital experiences used by millions, Josh’s mission is to make all digital interaction fun. As co-founder & CTO of yulife, Josh has been re-imagining the world of insurance, building a company which focuses on helping people to be their best selves; mentally, physically and financially. yulife is currently in early access for companies and will be formally launching in October 2018. Prior to yulife, Josh was a co-founder of Chelsea Apps Factory and key in the development of the organisation, which eventually became a FTSE 250 company with a consultancy of well over 100 people, servicing customers such as Google, Standard Life and Waitrose. 

What is Josh talking about at Innovation Day 2019?

Is work a game?

  • How the gaming industry has reprogrammed your employees 

  • Gamification in practice, the experiences that make people feel more connected 

  • How game design can be used in the workplace to drive engagement and productivity 

  • Using games to reach your business objectives 




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