• Innovation Day is one of those events that really does leave your brain bubbling away. Brimming with new ideas, surprising revelations and downright shocking statistics (did you know that half of those in poverty in the UK are in-work?); there really ...
  • The latest AI developments in employee experience

    02 Dec 2019 Gethin Nadin, Director of Employee Wellbeing – Benefex
    You would be forgiven for thinking of artificial intelligence as a far-off concept affecting society only once everyone has rocket-boots and robots cleaning our houses. When asked at REBA Innovation Day 2019, 78% of HR and reward professionals said A ...
  • I’m completely bowled over by how actively clothing brand Patagonia treat their employees. Never before have I come across an organisation so radical in their HR practices. To be honest, I’d never heard of Patagonia a couple of months ago, but turns ...
  • Inclusive design is good design

    11 Nov 2019 Maggie Williams
    I’ve just come back from a family holiday in Vienna. It’s the city of Mozart, Beethoven and Klimt, but with a teenager in tow, our visit was more about tracking down obscure football teams and touring the sewers (don't ask...) than the high arts.   O ...
  • Technology is rapidly changing how we work, where we work and what we actually do. But the fundamental reason most of us go to work remains; to get paid. And as much as we may love our jobs and feel rewarded in other ways, ultimately we still need to ...
  • Editor's Pick: my must-see sessions at REBA Innovation Day 2019

    01 Nov 2019 Maggie Williams, Content Director, REBA
    "I’m really excited share a few highlights from the fantastic programme that we’ve got this year."
  • HR decision makers consider themselves to be innovators and early adopters

    31 Oct 2019 In association with Thomson Online Benefits
    "HR has long-been considered a laggard function but, according to our recent research, this is no longer the case."
  • Culture eats everything for breakfast

    29 Oct 2019 Fiona Deal, Exec Director - People & Technology, Network Homes
    "Our business (digital) transformation programme is moving us from being a very traditional culture to one that enables our people to use technology in a smarter way to do a great job."
  • Coined in the 1990s and becoming mainstream by the 2000s, employee engagement is now about so much more than employee satisfaction. It relates to workplace culture and the employee’s experience at work, it has links to productivity and innovation, co ...



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